The Beacon in Baltimore, West Cork, Ireland | Travel photography and travel guide for foodies and explorers who will travel miles for good food by Jennifer from Miss Walter's

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Half of my heart is always on the road. I’m at ease with the wild Atlantic winds in my hair and I love salty seaside kisses. What I love most about travelling though, is that it allows you to connect with people from different background and cultural heritage. Conscious travelling allows you to dive deep into foreign cultures, form bonds and build bridges. For me, it’s about paying respect, learning gratitude and learning more about myself.

I write down where I ate the most amazing vegan food, what I spent money on or where I fed stray kittens. I love to share my travel guides and maps with you. In the hope, that my travel experiences will connect with you and fuel your passion for exploring.


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Forever in love with the rugged coast of West Ireland, where the wild Atlantic Sea crashes ashore and wild heart runs free. I have lived in Cork and I still miss the smell of turf and the wild fuchsia dancing like small red butterflies in the wind. Discover the Best of the South West of Ireland with me.

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Hi, I’m Jennifer. I create sweet vegan recipes and take semi-messy photos of food. I’m always hunting for good places to eat and where to go to for my next cup of Oat Latte. A supermarket is usually the first place I visit in a foreign place. I created Miss Walter’s so that you can wow your vegan an non-vegan friends alike with decadently delicious vegan recipes. Also, I’ll share my favourite foodie spots from my travels with you.


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