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Sweet vegan recipes

Baking my favourite way to express love, appreciation and kindness.
A gifted home-made pie may express sympathy and care when words simply appear inadequate.


I grew up in a family that values good food and certainly has a big sweet tooth! Sitting around our big dinner table was a ritual and a moment of true connection and belonging. Sharing something home-baked forges strong and intimate bonds. With my recipes, you can include loved ones with dietary restraints (chosen or not) at the dessert table too! Because sharing food has the power to unite us, so let’s not get our diet in the way of eating and sharing delicious cakes.

It also displays a fondness for the people you share it with. It’s an act of kindness too. Kindness doesn’t end with people, at least not in my book. This is why I create plant-based vegan dessert recipes that honour lush and natural ingredients and are kind to us, to animals and to the world we all share.


I hope my sweet vegan recipes will bring as much joy to your table as I experienced while creating them.

My latest sweet vegan recipes

New to vegan baking?

Check out my new vegan baking glossary.

My vegan baking glossary contains background information on the ingredients I use in my recipes. I also explain some broader baking terms so that you can understand not just my recipes, but all recipes better.

Vegan cakes, tarts and pies

Nothing says party like a superb vegan cake. Fluffy, gluten-free sponges, crumbly pies – what more does your plant-based heart desire? Oh, and most of my recipes are gluten-free too! All recipes are without any additional artificial sugars.

Vegan cookies

Tea and biscuits are two of my favourite things. I’d say that’s my Irish heart shining through. Coffee is pretty good too! And I’m dying for Iced Oat Lattes, with our without a cookie. Heck, how am I kidding? Gimme that Iced Oat Latte and all the cookies!

Vegan dessert recipes with loads of chocolate

I’m Swiss and I love chocolate. I’m also rewarding myself a gold star for checking all the boxes on that stereotype list. Seriously though, how delicious is chocolate? Dark vegan chocolate ganache, chocolate cream, chocolate chip or chocolate mousse, it’s all just so darn good.

Have we met?

Miss Walter’s - a blog based on sweet vegan recipes that wow your vegan & non-vegan friends alike.

Meet Miss Walter’s

Hi, I’m Jennifer. I create sweet vegan recipes and take semi-messy photos of food. I’m always hunting for good places to eat and where to go to for my next cup of Oat Latte. A supermarket is usually the first place I visit in a foreign place. I created Miss Walter’s so that you can wow your vegan an non-vegan friends alike with decadently delicious vegan recipes. Also, I’ll share my favourite foodie spots from my travels with you.


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