Irish Christmas gift ideas | A list of my favourite Irish gifts and souvenirs by Jennifer from Miss Walter's

Irish Christmas gift ideas

I got a couple of questions lately on Social Media from lovely folks, who kinda all share a similar paint point: They would love to support local, indie craftsmen and women, we’re talking about “not from the High Street makers” that honour fair and kind production, yet make really beautiful things. That resonates so well with me! Because, it’s my biggest struggle with buying vegan, organic, fair-trade anything…the design! I love a sleek design with a bit of bling. Not too much, just a little detail here or there to give an item a bit of a twist. I value function, form, material, in short design. But, oh so many fair trade items have that similar hippie-sandalwood-kinda feel to it? Do you know what I mean? Not that there’s something wrong with that, it’s just not a great variety out there….and don’t even get me started on fair-trade plus-size or size inclusive clothing…I dare you to name me a few brands that do it well, I dare you. But, to the point of this blog post, they’re in fact a couple of designers and makers I cherish, because they create amazing products that I love dearly! And best of all? They’re Irish! Yup, there’s a modern, contemporary Irish gift landscape apart from the leprechaun tourist stuff and cheap Thin Whistles accompanied by the sheet music to Oh Danny Boy. In fact, it’s a crowd of makers that design and produce in Ireland and that alone is a cause worth celebrating, but their things are also so beautiful.

This is why I put together this list of fine Irish gift ideas for Christmas. I’m sure you’ll find something for your partner, your little brother, your Mum, Gran or friendly neighbour. So let’s make a pledge to shop more from independent makers. Because, I love to know, that at the end of the day, an item bought from an indie maker, brings food on their table and doesn’t line the pockets of one big wealthy sucking it all up-family of owners.

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Irish gift guide for Christmas

All designers and makers create in Ireland. And the best thing? You can shop all their lovely things from the comfort of your home!

A gift for someone very special

(could also include yourself!)

Chupi’s pieces are inspired by wild and natural things, think twigs, leaves, seashells. She draws her inspiration from the green hills of Wicklow to the wild beaches of Kerry. Her design is rooted in Irish magic and proudly made in Ireland. Her carefully wrapped parcels are a gift on their own. So much attention to detail and her website is an online shoppers dream!

A gift for a close friend

Gosia set up the company in 2014 with her husband Marcin. Their scented candles are handcrafted with passion in the historic town of Kildare, Ireland. Winter Time is a lovely scented candle with a blend of rich, Brazilian orange, clove and ginger with hints of woods, musk, lemon and Christmas spices. Their Vintage Rose No 1 is a lovely classical scent with a floral and very relaxing scent of a blooming rose otto with a touch of sweet violet. A sophisticated blend of sparkling cassis, softwoods and amber.

A gift for your Mum or Gran

Lily Corcoran from Petal to Petal draws her inspiration for her prints from ancient Irish lace design and patterns found in the flowers around her home in West Cork. I love her prints as postcards or tea towels. Small tokens of appreciation make the perfect gifts.

A gift for your friend who loves to travel

The Brothers from Mamukko take up-cycling seriously. They create authentic and original bags from selected reclaimed sails, liferafts, leather & other textiles. Each & every Mamukko bag is handcrafted in their workshop in Kinsale, Ireland

Planning a trip to Ireland?

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A gift for your friend who still reads printed magazines

Turf & Grain is one of these fine print publications where you can just feel the heart and soul that is woven into every sentence on every page of every magazine. Carefully curated topics feature the best of the Emerald Isle. A perfect magazine for your coffee table.

A gift for your friend who deserves a little self-care time

When it comes to The Burren Perfumery online shopping really is just the last resort. Their workshop is situated in the heart of the Burren – an area where limestones and herbs make up most of the landscape – in County Clare and it’s such a beautiful place to visit. They serve lovely cakes at their Tea Rooms and visiting their herbal garden is a great joy too. I really like to scent of their Herb Garden and Limestone range. They make perfumes, candles and natural skincare products.

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