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Brighton travel guide

Real talk time: I am smitten with Brighton. There is just something about this seaside town that makes me return every year. It’s like a teeny tiny bit of East London, but with a beach and you can walk everywhere. The vibe there is relaxed and layed-back. No surprise there, that when my friend Angie asked my where to go for a wee Birthday trip, Brighton was high up the list. I am rounding up some of my favorites here in this neat travel guide. Also, did you know that London Gatwick airport is smack in the middle between Brighton and London? So next time your flying into Gatwick, why not jump on the Gatwick Express to Brighton. Brighton is just the perfect weekend getaway destination. Expect good restaurant, authentic pubs and more in my Brighton travel guide.

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Brighton in three words?
Eccentric, Charming, Decadent

Brighton travel guide
Travel guide for foodies and explorers


Loads of shopping, sipping beer by the beach and eating all the delicious food.


  • The Lanes So this isn’t a specific shop or anything, but the center of Brighton’s nightlife. The Lanes host quirky shops and boutiques by day and clubs and restaurants come nightfall. The lanes are crooked and narrow, almost like Diagon Alley in Harry Potter.
  • The Royal Pavilion 4/5 Pavilion Buildings, Brighton
    Get some coffee and snacks to go and have a picknick in the Pavilion Gardens. If you don’t fancy sitting by the sea that is. The buildings is just so out-of-character that it’s brilliant again. It was built as a seaside summer residence for King George IV. This historic house mixes Regency grandeur with the visual style of the Far East.
  • Brighton Pier Brighton
    Well, it’s the Brighton landmark. A quick stroll out on the pier is a must. Why not toss some coins into the slot machines and try your luck? At the end of the pier there’s a small park with rides. If that’s your cup of tea, then go ahead. How often can you take a ride so close to the sea?
  • I have had the pleasure of eating here plenty of times now and they never disappoint. Vegetarian cuisine at its best: creative, seasonal and all-round interesting. The place is always packed, so make sure to call ahead or make an online reservation.
  • Fantastic burgers (so many veggie options available) and delicious milkshakes.
  • Sustainable, vegan and yummy sushi? Yes, please! Every maki is freshly rolled. Try the cauliflower tempura – so good. Did you know that the happy folks from Happy Maki plant a tree for every sold roll? As if, you would need more convincing…
  • Snoopers Paradise 7/8 Kensington Gardens, Brighton
    Brighton is full of beautiful boutiques and quirky second-hand shops. My favorite and one of the biggest is Snoopers Paradise. There just isn’t anything you can’t get there. Also the old-school photo booth isn’t just a prop. Go take some funny pics with your mates.
  • Little Bird 16 Kensington Gardens, Brighton
    Charming coffee shop with good coffee (daaa) and wonderful cakes. Think thick Victoria Sponge cake and juicy carrot cake.
  • The Flour Pot 40 Sydney Street, Brighton
    The smell of freshly baked loafs is hovering down the street and you just know you’re about to hit the bread jackpot.
  • North Laine Brewhouse 27 Gloucester Place, Brighton
    Going to the UK without stopping at a pub or decent craft beer place? That’s just crazy talk.
  • The Evening Star 55-56 Surrey Street, Brighton
    Don’t get me wrong, there a plenty of places for a good pint or a full-fledged pub crawl. This pub however, is one of the local watering holes.


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The Royal Pavilion

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Cake goodness at the Little Bird

Beautiful flowers from Quince on Nile Street

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