Miss Walter’s | Sweet vegan recipes for a diet inclusive kitchen.

Hi, my name is Jennifer.

I’m the passionate vegan foodie behind Miss Walter’s. And you’re friggin awesome for being here. Thank you.


I create sweet vegan recipes and take semi-messy photos of food. I’m always hunting for good places to eat and where to go to for my next cup of Oat Latte. A supermarket is usually the first place I visit in a foreign place. I created Miss Walter’s so that you can wow your vegan an non-vegan friends alike with decadently delicious vegan recipes. Also, I’ll share my favourite foodie spots from my travels with you.


I’m passionate about bringing people together. There’s no greater feeling than gathering close friends around the dinner table and share delicious food with them. To me, food isn’t just about survival, but pleasure and it’s okay to indulge a little. After all, food – like life – is about balance. I just love to create plant-based vegan recipes that honour fresh, seasonal ingredients.


This food blog is the time-consuming hobby that led to many amazing opportunities, like me baking for our local zero-waste shop & coffee place. I’m very curious (just ask anybody) and I do bake vegan cakes for special celebrations like weddings or birthdays. Please feel free to get in touch.


I’m a self-employed branding mentor that shows you ideas, tools and methods to turn your creative vision into a trustful brand that builds the cornerstone of your business.

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